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COVE™ Guide To Dried Flower Vaporizers



What is A Dried Flower Vaporizer?

These devices heat up dried cannabis flower to create a vapour from the plant material. During this process the flavours and aromas are extracted, and users can inhale the vapour to enjoy their cannabis. While there are certain types of vaporizers that use cannabis extract in a cartridge, these vaporizers work with dried cannabis flower placed into a chamber.


Types of Dried Flower Vaporizers

There are two main types of dried flower vaporizers, portable (e.g.. PAX vaporizers) and desktop (e.g. Volcano vaporizers).

Portable vaporizers  are lightweight and perfect to bring with you on-the-go in your pocket or purse. These typically hold a small amount of dried flower and are best used solo.

Desktop versions are larger in size and generally need to be plugged into a power source. Most people use this type of vaporizer at home as it can hold a larger amount of cannabis. They also tend to be more suitable for longer sessions or sharing.


How Do They Work?

Dried flower vaporizers heat up the cannabis buds in the chamber to create the vapour. There are two different methods to do this: conduction and convection.

Conduction uses direct contact to heat the herb inside the chamber. Conduction heated vaporizers usually include an open flame heating plate that combusts the flower into vapour.

On the other hand, convection heating vaporizers use gas or liquid to expedite the movement of heat. The hot air circulates in the chamber each time you take a hit. This method does not combust the plant matter. Convection is considered the optimal option for vaporizing dried flower because it’s less likely than conduction to overheat the chamber.


Benefits of Dried Flower Vaporizers

Some of the benefits of dried flower vaporizers include better taste because the flower is being vaporized instead of burned, a weaker smell that makes usage more discreet, and environmental friendliness as the only waste is left over cannabis, which is naturally biodegradable.



Grinding the dried flower will help create a consistent result when heat is applied. Finely ground flower that isn’t too tightly packed will work best.

Try different temperatures based on the strain you’re vaporizing. Do your research to see what the optimal temperature is for the strain you’ll be consuming.


Dried flower vaporizers can be a user-friendly way to consume cannabis and help you enjoy the effects of the plant. Check out the COVE™ blog for more great cannabis content.



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4 Reasons to Learn a New Language


Verbal communication is how we connect with each other. Being proficient in your native tongue can help you make local connections but knowing different languages can help you better engage with the rest of the world. Continue reading to learn how you can broaden your horizons by learning a new language.

Professional and Career Advantages

Learning additional languages can expand your access to job opportunities. In Canada, being bilingual in English and French makes you eligible for a variety of professional roles including federal job positions.

Having more than one language in your repertoire can also help you explore work in additional cities throughout the world.

Expanding Your Education Globally

Learning another language makes it easier to study abroad and earn a degree in another country. Depending on where you’re located, it may be more cost-effective to study outside of your home country.

Travelling to Foreign Countries

One of the main reasons to learn a new language is to smoothly navigate a foreign country when you visit. Being able to speak to and understand locals expands your social skills and can help you make some new friends. If you can speak the local language while travelling it can be easier to accomplish basic tasks such as ordering food at a restaurant, calling a cab, asking for directions, and reading street signs.

Only 20% of the world’s 7.5 billion people speak English and travelling overseas can easily cause a language barrier.

While travelling isn’t a priority right now because of COVID-related restrictions, having some extra time at home may give you an opportunity to pick up a new language before you travel to your next dream destination. Online language courses and apps, and travel dictionaries are a great place to start.

Discovering New Recipes

Being able to read another language will help you better understand recipe instructions and ingredients, helping you learn new dishes and add them to your cookbook.

There is delicious food from all around the world, so the more you understand, the better you’ll eat and appreciate food from different cultures! Check out this list of popular dishes from across the globe that you can try cooking at home while you wait to take your next travel adventure.

Try to pick up some new phrases using an app like Duolingo as a starting point for learning a new language, and follow our blog for more COVE™ Crafted articles.