About Cove

Our Goal is to Make Each Experience a Discovery

COVE was born in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, which is known for producing some of the world’s finest cannabis.

We started COVE by collecting and growing an assortment of our favourite cultivars. From there we focused on every detail of the process, selecting only the best colas from each harvest.

At COVE we take the time to hand-trim all our dried flower, never settling for shortcuts.

COVE tincture oils do not go through any secondary processing, which ensures the natural balance of the plant is maintained across all of our cannabis oils.

Our honest, uncompromising approach to crafted quality reflects our passion as we strive to deliver the best experience possible every time you consume a COVE product.


Cove Terpene Rich Extracts Maintain the Natural Balance of the Plant

Our strain-specific cannabis oils do not go through any secondary refinement using harsh solvents like alcohol. This means that the natural balance of the plant is kept intact and that the cannabinoid and terpene ratios are proportional to our dried flower. This is important for the “Entourage Effect”.

The cannabis plant has over 300 natural
compounds in addition to THC and CBD:
• 140+ Cannabinoids
• 200+ Terpenes
Each strain/cultivar has a unique
combination of these compounds.

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