Do’s and Don’ts of Gifting Cannabis This Holiday Season

November 25, 2020
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With the holidays right around the corner, cannabis can be an exciting and unique gifting option. That said, there are many things to consider before wrapping your favourite strain and tucking it under the Christmas tree.

Keep reading for our dos and don’ts of gifting cannabis.

Do’s of Gifting Cannabis


  • Cannabis-related stocking stuffers are a great place to start. Small accessories such as rolling papers, lighters, cones, etc. can make the perfect holiday gifts.


  • Upgrade your recipient’s essentials! Vaporizers, glass pieces, and even high-quality grinders are used frequently and can be expensive, so upgrading them for someone special is an amazing gift idea.


  • Make sure your gift is labelled. Include as much information as you can on your gift, especially if it’s a cannabis product.


  • Buy gift cards! Cannabis can be a very personal gift, so opting for a gift card is also a great way to give some green.


Don’ts of Gifting Cannabis


  • Don’t mix cannabis and alcohol. Cannabis can be a great alternative to traditional alcoholic gifts, but they are best kept as separate experiences.


  • Don’t gift old, dried flower. If your friends and family are new to consumption you don’t want to create a bad experience for them.


  • Don’t gift edibles without talking to the recipient about them first. Edibles give everyone a different experience, so it’s best to let someone know what to expect from this gift beforehand.


  • We also wouldn’t recommend gifting a variety you haven’t tried yourself! And never give anyone an edible as a snack or meal without them knowing what it is and that it’s in their food.


  • Don’t assume everyone will like what you like. Be mindful of your recipient’s tolerance and experience level!


  • Don’t expect to return anything. The return policy for cannabis and accessories will be different than most other gifts and will vary from retailer to retailer.


No matter what your cannabis gift giving plans are, keep these in mind and head to the COVE™ blog for more great tips!