7 Pantry Staple Recipes

August 20, 2020
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With many of us staying at home and cooking more frequently, more people are digging into their pantries to cook quick and easy meals. . Thankfully, we’ve found some home cooking solutions with these pantry staple recipes.

What Are Pantry Staple Recipes?

Pantry staple recipes include items that are usually stashed in the back of your pantry or fridge and often go unused. They are convenient for impromptu cooking, especially when you are low on groceries.


Keep reading to see our favourite recipes below.



Pantry Food: Eggs

Veggie Filled Frittata – This delicious frittata recipe uses a skillet and can be cut into slices for easy sharing.

Pantry Food: Quinoa Flakes

Warm Quinoa Breakfast Cereal – A combination of nutritious seeds and quinoa flakes can be served in a bowl for a healthy breakfast cereal.

Lunch / Dinner


Pantry Food: Pasta

Canned Tuna Pasta With Olive Oil & Garlic – Spice up dinner with another easy-to-make recipe that includes canned tuna, garlic cloves, olive oil, and your favourite pasta.

Pantry Food: Canned Tuna

Avocado & Tuna Salad Wraps – Tuna can prove to be one of the most versatile pantry ingredients in any home chef’s arsenal. Try these fresh-tasting tuna and avocado wraps if you still don’t believe us.



Pantry Food: Old Fashioned Oats

Oatmeal On-The-Go Bars – Oatmeal bars can make the perfect on-the-go snack  when cut into squares for easy transport.

Pantry Food: Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Buckeyes – This creative and nutritious recipe is shaped like a buckeye and uses a combination of protein powder, peanut butter, and chocolate.


Pantry Food: Chickpeas

Crispy Jalapeño Chickpeas – This snack is made by combining an assortment of spices to a bowl of chickpeas and then baking the mixture into a crispy treat.

Expand your horizons with these essential pantry recipes. When you’re short on ingredients, our guide can help unlock your creativity in the kitchen.