Stay Fit At Home With The COVE™ Workout Guide 

May 20, 2020
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Your environment shapes your workout. It can be anywhere you see fit, including your home. Attending a gym during this time might not be possible, but bringing the gym to you is another option. With these tips, you can take control of your fitness goals at home.

Set a Schedule

workout whiteboard

Working out is like keeping a job. To maintain balance, having a schedule can help. Using an online calendar can help organize your workouts and isolate different body parts to a specific day. Apps like Google Calendar are a great example of how you can organize workouts and set personal goals.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress can help measure how successful you are in accomplishing your goals. There are ways to see how far you’ve progressed like using a whiteboard, which can help with tracking what you’ve accomplished.  If you own a smartwatch or smartphone, there are also apps like Google Fit, which are great for monitoring health activity and providing insights on your exercises.

Get the Equipment You Need
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Some might assume that the only way to work out is by using expensive equipment. There are a variety of affordable items to buy that can help you fit a solid exercise into every part of your day instead. Start by adding items like a push-up bar, dumbbells, or kettlebells into your home. A yoga mat or medicine ball is useful in a living room, or you can try setting up a small obstacle course in your backyard or garage. Websites like Amazon are great for getting all the basics to get you started.

Use an Online Personal Trainer
virtual personal trainer

We all need that extra push to motivate us during these times. If you’re struggling with getting out of bed and into your gym clothes, there are quite a few motivational online trainers. There are YouTube creators like The Body Coach that offer free weekly videos. There are also notable trainers on Instagram like Idalis Velazquez and Gideon Akande who teach innovative workouts that you can do anywhere in your home.  Workout DVDs are another great option if you’re looking to follow instructions on a TV instead of a laptop. Define yourself with videos like Piyo’s workout program or kick it up a notch with Shaun T’s Focus T25 training kit.

Workout Online with Friends
JETFit app

One of the great things about fitness is there is always a community. People with many different aspirations come together, online or offline, and share experiences. Thanks to social networking, making friends is as easy as opening a smartphone. Join a community of people online with apps like the Nike Training Club or Jet Fit that help you stay connected with other fitness-minded individuals.

Have a Long-Distance Fitness Buddy
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Sharing your fitness journey with someone can help keep you accountable. Using a program like WhatsApp is great for communicating and planning workout sessions. You can also use video calling apps like Zoom and Skype, allowing you to work out together in real-time. One great way you and a friend can track your progress together is by using Google Docs so that all your schedules and workout plans match up.

We hope to inspire you with these helpful tips. Follow our blog for more updates and information on how you can stay fit and productive at home.