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How to Design the Perfect Morning Routine


The idea of the perfect day is nothing new and as many self-help gurus and authors will tell you, it all starts with your morning. You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Got out of bed on the wrong side today’, so there is some truth to the idea that the morning can help set you up for a good day. However, if mismanaged, it can also set you up for a bad day.


If you’re looking to give your routine a facelift, we recommend starting with small changes. Steve Corona, known for his 30-day self-experiments, recommends you build your routine with a number of habits. On his blog, he outlines his method by having readers choose four habits to make up their routine and start them the following day.


Corona says to pick four habits from the following list:

  • Wake up at 5AM
  • Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you get out of bed
  • Make your bed immediately
  • Do 20 pushups as soon as you get out of bed
  • Eat a protein and fat rich breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up
  • Run a mile every single morning
  • Take your multivitamins everyday
  • Floss after breakfast
  • Do Blue Light Therapy to wake yourself up
  • Take a bath in the morning
  • Take a cold shower in the morning (it sucks but you feel AWESOME after)
  • Write a blog post every single morning
  • Write down 10 ideas
  • Write a journal entry
  • Write 250-1000 words on any topic
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Plan your entire day in 15-60 minute increments
  • Lay out your clothes for the day
  • Dress your absolute best for the day (EVEN if you work from home)


From here, you should take these four habits and do them for 30 days straight, no matter what. If you forget or miss a day, do 31 days of the routine instead.

After this experiment, you’ll have a better idea of what your morning needs. Maybe you loved the exercise aspect, but you do your best writing in the afternoon. Pivot the routine so it makes sense for you and what you need out of your day.


Developing productive morning habits is easier than you think! For more lifestyle design tips follow our blog.

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5 Tips For Working From Home

work desk

Many people are currently adjusting their lifestyle to work from home for the first time, so we’ve decided to bring you our five best tips for staying productive when you can’t make it to the office.

1. Set up a home workstation

Using a home workstation is a great way to stay professional and efficient, even if you didn’t get dressed before you clocked in for the day.

Take advantage of a spare table or desk and create a separate space in your home specifically for work, which will help you psychologically differentiate your home life from your professional one.

Research has shown that combining workspace with personal space can cause employees to feel that they don’t have to work or deprive them of sleep or relaxation as they get too immersed in their job.

Creating a separate workspace can also help family members or roommates understand when you are available and when you need to tune out the world and focus on that day’s tasks.

2. Use Technology To Its Full Potential

Gather your computer, phone, pens, paper, a comfortable chair, and any other essential tools you may need for the day and make sure to take advantage of video and group chat software such as Skype and Slack to keep organized and up to date with the rest of your team.

Using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides is another great way to collaborate from home.

If you’re working on a laptop, plug in an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. They go a long way during extended periods of focused work.

3. Keep your daily routine

It can be easy to get out of your daily routine when working from home, which can negatively impact your results.

To stay sharp, do your best to keep the same habits you would on a normal workday. Wake up at the same time, take your lunch break, make those important calls, and emulate as many other aspects of a regular day as possible.

4. Stay Active

Being in a more relaxed atmosphere can make it harder to stay active. Use the extra time you saved from your commute to make a healthy breakfast, get in a quick workout, or try an early morning yoga session.

If you don’t know where to start, there are a variety of apps and Youtube channels dedicated to keeping you on the move.

Try MyFitnessPal and Pocket Yoga on your cellular device or check out videos from The Fitness Marshall and Blogilates.

5. Be Understanding

Let’s face it, working from home has its ups and downs. It’s easy to get frustrated when you miss a deadline or you can’t sit down for an important meeting.

Be sure to remain understanding as everyone does their best to navigate the uncertainties of being away from the office.


These tips along with a little bit of patience can go a long way in these unprecedented times. We hope you’re practicing social and physical distancing while staying safe.

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The COVE™ Guide to the  Best Coworking Spaces in Toronto

toronto workspace

Productivity is heavily influenced by your environment. Depending on where you get your work done, your surroundings can be essential in allowing you to become more focus-driven and strengthen your efforts. In Toronto, Canada’s hardest working city, there lies a cornucopia of offices to choose from, no matter what industry you work in.


Acme Works


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Nestled across from King West’s Stanley Park, this coworking space is the perfect hideaway for independent contractors and freelancers alike. Aside from its humble scenery and décor, Acme Works offers a simple and quiet environment that is also dog friendly.



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Northspace is a brightly lit workspace that is spacious and fairly new to Toronto. It only opened its doors a couple of months ago and has received nothing but stellar reviews since. The space offers 24/7 access for all members and there are two locations in Toronto to choose from.



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Spaces is a one of a kind workspace with sleek interior design and isolated desks. There are many locations in Toronto currently being built, in addition to the five in the downtown core already available.



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Bringing the warm spirit of your home into an office setting is achieved effortlessly by Verkspace. With two locations in the city, this workspace prides itself on preparing finely curated décor with spacious rooms built for inspiring and influencing productivity.

District 28


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District 28 is a full-length workspace that offers much more than desks and offices. The building houses multiple shooting studios, screening rooms, video editing suites, and more amenities built for creative professionals and creators alike.

Venture X


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Navigating Venture X’s locations is like walking through a detailed showroom at IKEA. Their spaces offer luxury furnishing, expansive rooms, and brightly lit areas with vibrant sunlight at your desk. There are currently two locations in the Mississauga region with another location opening in Oakville this year.

East Room


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East Room is a pioneer coworking space in Toronto. It’s over 60,000 square feet and cooperates out of an old industrial building in Toronto’s east end. Within this large building, East Room also hosts some enticing programs including their weekly Nike Run Club and the Room Service music performance series.

Create Signal Creative Space


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Create Signal is dedicated to delivering a productive space for artists and creative professionals. Their building offers both office space for independent working along with a recording studio and audio/video editing suites for creative projects.

IQ Offices


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IQ Offices have high ceilings and great views of the city. Their Toronto locations, situated in the core of downtown, all offer contemporary design with well-lit window seating.


An office should feel like home if you want to effectively get the job done. In a city like Toronto, the work never stops. With this guide, there’s no need to search far and wide. Be sure to follow our COVE™ blog for more updates and tips to uncover the voyages you seek.