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The COVE™ Guide to The Best Canadian Spas

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Canada hosts some of the most luxurious spas in the world. From the breathtaking views to the remarkable services, we compiled an extensive list of some of the best spas in the country.

British Columbia

Sante Spa – Victoria, BC

Its beautiful, mountainous sweeping views from the spas outdoor mineral pool is definitely enough to get you in relaxation mode. Featuring a Forest Lounge to unwind in before your treatments, the luxurious spa is at the top of our list for a weekend getaway. Bonus: their treatments like massages, facials, and body scrubs use locally sourced ingredients such as sea kelp, clay, and lavender.

Try this treatment: The Elements Mountain Massage. This massage integrates indigenous rituals for a full experience. It begins with traditional sage smudging, foot scrub and purifying foot bath. Jade stones are also integrated on your energy pathways ground your mind and spirit.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Nestled in the British Columbia hot springs with an exquisite view of the Rockies, the Fairmont Resort is a luxurious experience everyone must try. You can soak in the hot springs and experience natures phenomena. The hot springs have been there since the early 1900’s and have been carefully preserved since then. All of the treatments at the spa are infused with the healing hot springs water to really take your treatment to the next level.

Try this treatment: Hot Springs. Mineral rich and naturally heated, the waters of the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort have acclaimed therapeutic effects. These can include increased metabolism, accelerated healing, soothed muscles, improved circulation and detoxification.


Willow Stream Spa – Banff

The scenery alone at this relaxing spa is enough to take your breath away. The 38,000 square foot spa boasts geo-thermal mineral pools with healing properties and a list of awards just as long as their list of treatments. Offering everything from body scrubs, facials, and massages, the spa has 23 rooms to accommodate guests 365 days a year – and have been doing so for 125 years. It’s located at the Banff Fairmont Springs, also known as the Castle in the Rockies. With a luxury hotel and resort onsite, you can make a vacation out of it.

Try this treatment: Majestic Blue. Named after the hue of the glaciers and the beautiful Banff sky, the colour blue represents peace and tranquility. It is a full body rejuvenating scrub using organic mountain lavender (also known as “blue magic”). From your scalp to your feet, your body will feel completely revitalized.


St. Anne’s Spa – Grafton

Located not far from Toronto, St. Anne’s Spa is Canada’s largest destination spa. Sitting on over 400 acres of farmland, it is a quaint, 15-room inn with separate spa cottages to make your visit intimate and tranquil. With a long list of services, you can take advantage of the reiki healing, reflexology, and facials for every need. Unlike most spas, being quiet is not required – and noise is encouraged. You can even get your treatments done outdoors depending on the weather. There are horse stables, walking trails and an outdoor pool to name a few. This spa can be a day trip or a complete weekend escape from the city.

Try this treatment: Botanical Waterfall. A gentle introduction into hydrotherapy, you begin with a rejuvenating body scrub and wrapped in warm linen accompanied with a massage. Afterwards, enjoy the sensation of being under a waterfall as the Vichy shower rinses the products away. The service finishes off with a handmade balm of rose or lemongrass.


Nordik Spa – Chelsea

The Nordik Spa in Chelsea, Quebec is a relaxation and healing-focused center with Scandinavian roots. It’s nestled in the village of Old Chelsea located outside Gatineau Park, and is the largest spa in North America. It has 10 exterior baths, 9 saunas, 4 restaurants, a panoramic pool, saltwater pool, and many, many more. Due to the sheer volume of things to do at Nordik, they offer great spa packages to make sure you get to experience as much as you can. Nordik is truly picturesque, and is also a wonderful destination in the winter.

Try this treatment: Massage in Nature. Featured in one of their cabins nestled in the forest, your massage will take place in a serene location with the sounds, smells, and sights of nature. Best part? This is available year-round. They recommend receiving the service in the winter – as you watch the snow gently fall.

Nova Scotia

Fox Harb’r Golf Resort and Spa – Wallace

This spa and resort is a secluded coastal retreat in the Northumberland Strait. It’s an oceanfront resort enjoyed by those who love the great outdoors. Not only does the resort boast an amazing Inn, but it has a long list of recreational activities (from horseback riding to fly fishing) to keep your weekend full of adventure. It is one of the most popular and exclusive spas in Canada, boasting a long list of celebrity clients.

Try this treatment: Experience Everything. This treatment package allows you to pay a flat rate to experience all the treatments you can fit in a 5-hour long pampering experience. Each treatment is customizable.


We’ve hoped you enjoyed this guide and look forward to a weekend full of relaxation and rejuvenation.