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The COVE™ Guide to Outdoor Workouts

forest steps

Exercising outdoors is a great alternative to working out in a gym that can keep you motivated and focused on your fitness goals. There are elevated areas for finding scenic views, lush grasslands for meditation, and forests for exploring uncharted lands.



While this might not be a traditional sport, gardening is a wellness activity that can help you burn a lot of calories. There are tough weeds to pull out or holes to dig, which makes it such a rigorous aerobic workout, but the payoff is being able to see a beautiful garden that you cultivated.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is an easy exercise that you can find an area anywhere outside to get started. The spring is also a great opportunity to mix and match jump rope with other flexible outdoor exercises like sprints, lunges, and more.


Sprints are another exercise that does need any equipment and you can do them almost anywhere with open grassland. A football field or running track is the most logical area and gives you free rein during this season to push your body to accelerate even faster.



The summer season is much hotter and affords workouts that can keep you close to freshwater like kayaking. This sport is a great workout for upper body strength, and you can do it at your nearest lake.

Beach jogging

Jog along the shore with some water between your toes. This exercise is light and refreshing and can conclude with a quick dip in the water after you work up a sweat.


Basketball is a  fundamental sport that enables you to use every part of your body. You can find a local court for a quick pick game or work on some drills that might make you a better athlete.



The Fall season persists the warm weather but there are outdoor escapades that you can seek nearby. With some of Canada’s most beautiful natural landscapes, fall hiking is an ideal activity that comes with a scenic view. A mountain terrain, forest, or ravine are good places to get started and are perfect environments to immerse yourself in nature while you work up a sweat.


Canoeing is a great activity to do alone or with a partner. This paddling exercise is another workout for your upper body that comes with a bit of fun on a lake, especially during a trip to a remote cottage.

Trail running

Trail running is an on-foot experience that you want to bring a GoPro for. The elevation and cluttered forests make it a more challenging and fun workout that the woods.


Ice skating

Skating is a fun winter cardio activity you can do locally. Grab a pair of skates and head out to your nearest rink to join others in some skating events or a pick-up hockey game if you’re skilled enough.


Heading down the slopes can be your next weekend workout venture. Skiing is fun and adventurous winter aerobics and you’ll learn to use a lot of leg power to jump, spin, and evade while moving fast. Canada has some of the most scenic winter landscapes, so this sport is great for calorie-burning with a view.


You can hike in the winter season if you choose to go snowshoeing. This activity allows you to enjoy the feeling of hiking in the woods with a bit of added difficulty. You start by grabbing a pair of snowshoes, trekking poles, and layers of clothing.

Pushing your body to new limits also means changing your habitat. With this guide, you can conquer any season and take your exercise to the great outdoors.

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Top 10 BC Ski Resorts

ski lift in canada

British Columbia houses some of the most impressive skiing options in Canada. with diverse terrain for new and advanced skiers, picturesque pedestrian villages and some of the best “champagne” snow in the world, here are some of our favourite places to ski in bc.

1. Whistler Blackcomb

Internationally loved and known, Whistler Blackcomb is consistently ranked as one of the best ski resorts in British Columbia. Boasting 200 runs situated along the snowy glaciers of the awe-inspiring Sea-to-Sky Highway, it’s no surprise this is a destination resort for local and international visitors alike. If you’re interested in more than skiing and snowboarding, the pedestrian-only village at the foot of the mountain includes plenty of warm après-ski bars and restaurants as well as quaint shops.

  • Location: Whistler, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 1,168cm
  • Total runs: 200

2. Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Located on Vancouver Island, Mount Washington Alpine Resort promises its skiers and snowboarders stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The mountain has grown from its humble beginnings as a small secluded hill to become a skiing destination with a relaxed West Coast vibe. Mount Washington is a less of destination resort and more of a community, with several cozy condo rental options right on the hill. There are also cross-country and snowshoeing trail options for victors during the winter months.

  • Location: Courtenay, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 1,158cm
  • Total runs: 81

3. Apex Mountain Resort

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley region is home to Apex Mountain Resort, a mountain known for its “champagne powder” and family-friendly atmosphere. The resort has a 1km ice skating rink along with 56 cross-country trails for those looking to stay on flat ground. Wind down your trip to Apex by attending its annual Brewski Craft Beer, Cider and Spirits event – admission gets you to drink and food tokens and access to the afterparty.

  • Location: Hedley, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 600cm
  • Total runs: 67

4. Sun Peaks Resort

A family-friendly destination, Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia’s second-largest hill. The impressive mountains Tod, Sundance, and Morrisey surround a charming pedestrian-only village. The village is a nice balance of Europe meets Canadiana where visitors can ski along Sun Peak’s Nordic trail network, take a dogsledding tour, or enjoy après-ski fondue and snacks on the mountain.

  • Location: Sun Peaks, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 599cm
  • Total runs: 135

5. Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort is Canada’s largest ski-in, ski-out resort village. The scenic Big White village boasts over 20 restaurants and nightclubs, 118 trails and the largest night skiing operation in British Columbia – making it hard for skiers and snowboarding to ever leave.

  • Location: Kelowna, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 749cm
  • Total runs: 118 designated trails

6. SilverStar Mountain Resort

SilverStar Mountain Resort is a colourful mid-mountain village, which offers true ski-in, ski-out access to its four mountain faces. SilverStar’s range of hills and progressive terrain make it the perfect place for new skiers. For seasoned skiers and snowboarders, the back of the mountain is a treasure trove of quiet black and double black diamond hills.

  • Location: Silver Star Mountain, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 701cm
  • Total runs: 132

7. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Mountain Resort boasts the longest vertical descent of any ski resort in North America. As one of the newest ski resorts in Canada, Revelstoke is one of the only mountains in the world that offers lift-accessed skiing, heli-skiing, cat-skiing and backcountry skiing. Most of Revelstoke’s runs are intermediate or advanced hills; making it a destination for talented, thrill-seeking skiers and snowboarders.

  • Location: Revelstoke, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 1,400cm
  • Total runs: 65

8. Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort located in Rossland, British Columbia – a former gold mining town – is one of the oldest ski hills in North America. During BC’s gold rush, the province welcomed a great number of Scandinavians and who brought with them their love of skiing. Since its inception in 1897, the mountain has become a historical and unique destination for skiers, snowboarders and tourists alike.

  • Location: Rossland, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 762cm
  • Total runs: 110

9. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

If you’re in search of dramatic, stunning mountains you should head to the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort nestled in the Canadian Rockies. Also known as the “champagne powder capital of Canada”, the hill is home to large alpine bowls, long steep slopes and short chairlift lines. Kicking Horse also offers some more extreme options, like heli-skiing tours, for experienced skiers.

  • Location: Golden, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 749cm
  • Total runs: 129

10. Panorama Mountain Resort

Known for a more temperate climate, Panorama Mountain Resort is a wonderful place to ski and snowboard for those adverse to extreme weather conditions. Panorama’s lovely village base is home to Canada’s largest outdoor slope-side hot pools for those who may not want to participate in a heli-skiing adventure or prolonged exposure to snow.

  • Location: Panorama, BC
  • Annual snowfall: 500cm
  • Total runs: 122

So get out there and Make Each Experience a Discovery.

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